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Wine cellar & wine-tasting

Our winery is situated at just 2 minutes from the famous Tautavel Prehistoric Museum, at the village entrance. We offer free wine-tasting and/or visits of the winery on request, where you can discover more about your favourite wines, visit the vines and fully air-conditioned aging cellar & discuss the secrets of fabrication with Raymond Hage, passionate vintner .

The wine-tasting cellar is open from April to September every afternoon, and by appointment all year round. English & French are spoken. 




Working principles & ambitions

Respect is the fundamental working principle of Domaine Val de Ray. Respect for our clients, for the vineyard, vines and the environment. We work in an open, honest way, using minimal oenological products to preserve the authenticity of the terroir in our wines. We aim to create wines that create emotion and pleasure whether you are in the company of your family, a romantic evening with your loved one or having fun with friends. We are sure you will find a wine to suit your every desire in our large selection of red, white & rose wines. Also we invite you to be pleasantly surprised by our range of natural sweet white, amber & garnet-red wines.


The vineyard

Domaine Val de Ray is a small family domain run by Raymond & Caroline Hage. The domain has the ambition to produce only the finest quality wines, using a combination of the best of tradition and modern technological advances. All work is carried out in a sustainable manner with respect for biodiversity and the environment, firstly because we are convinced of the importance of preserving the environment for future generations, but also because wines produced in harmony with nature simply taste better!

High Environmental Value certification


At Domaine Val de Ray we prefer actions over words. Our High Environmental Value certification proves our attachment to working in harmony with nature. The certification is based on meeting and enforcing performance requirements (zero insecticides, zero pesticides, protection of streams and rivers, biodiversity and nitrogen balance…) that is verified by an independent, government accredited organisation on a yearly basis. We are proud to be among the first vineyard certified in the Agly Valley, and this year we begin our conversion to a fully organic production. Plus all our wines are suitable for Vegetarians : no animal based products are used in the production of our cuvees. 



Domaine Val de Ray is fortunate to compose a wide diversity of expositions and soils ranging from Limestone clay, schist, and marl to sandstone soils that produce exceptionally complex, elegant fine and fruity wines with a unique signature, character and warmth. The 55 acres of vines are classed Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for the Cotes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel, Rivesaltes & Muscat de Rivesaltes and Protected Geographic Indication for the Cotes Catalanes and Pays d’Oc wines, as a guarantee of quality.


Grape varieties

Reds: Black Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon

White: White Grenache, Maccabeu, Vermentino, Alexandria & Small-grain Muscat

Our domain is privileged to have vines of over 100 years of age for the white Grenache and <80 years for the Carignan. Even though they may produce less and require more work and attention, they contribute to that unique inimitable flavour & quality of our wines. Domaine Val de Ray always prefers quality to quantity, the domain produces on average 50 000 bottles per year. 


Creator of emotions and pleasure 

Our relationship began with a Premiere Etincelle (Initial Spark) – our very first cuvee – and continues to share the different phases of our love story with our clients, our vines and our terroir:

Flirt, Désir (Desire), Passion, Charme (Charm), Attraction, Séduction (Seduction) & Fusion, not forgetting Caresse (Caress) and Tentations (Temptations). Our story portrays how passionate we are about producing only the finest quality wines, wines which cannot possibly leave you indifferent.




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